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my guest post

Originally posted on who could know then :

dear new friends and old,

so it’s April 20th and as promised Bianca (B.G.Bowers) posted my poems on her blog as part of her gracious, month long tribute to NAPOMO. i rummaged around in the attic and found a few poems that in hindsight were a little leap forward, some personal favorites that i still remember the excitement of writing every single word.

i thought this would be my regular Sunday post for today, hope you enjoy them and ty again Bianca. it is an honor to grace your pages.


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the rose

Originally posted on Songs of Fragile Thunder:

my mother grew tales of

scattering away remains of my
hyancinth seeds, my dandelion

and each day, we pricked our
fingers, like

sleeping beauty,

while the ground sucked the blood
from our young finger-

and scared us away,
flying among the back of my
dandelion buds until all we could see

were the red, red roses
of my mother’s bushes.

So she plucked one,
a delicate child,

her hand, a thorned mess

and touched its pricks against
our soft cheeks.

“listen”, she told us,
and we listened with a hard yearning,
scratching our skin against its thorns until

our cheeks cried tears
of scarlet red.

“i love you”, she would tell me
on my birthday, placing a single white rose in the center of

my scarred palm.

and I would trace the thorns,
feel along the pricks that caught against
my roughened fingers.

press down hard, and…

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Tuesday tulip tiptoe.

Originally posted on Flowery Prose:

Tulip - 8 April 2014

Just a grocery-store tulip, but it makes me smile all the same.  I don’t grow tulips anymore – my soil runs on the heavy clay side and the bulbs were simply rotting underground.  I keep amending, though, so maybe in a few years’ time, I’ll be able to try again….

I was out for a walk near my workplace a few days ago and in the yard of a nearby elementary school, the students had planted hundreds of tulips, which were all peeking up out of the soil.  What a great project to get the kids involved in!

Do you grow tulips?  Which ones are your favourites?

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