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Where Green Meets Blue

2014-07-13 10.14.43

There is no such thing as too much time by the sea
for she’s my closest friend
sometimes enrapturing me with laughter
sometimes pounding discontent
sometimes kissing my feet with salty tears

Long spaces of time may transpire between visits
but we start again right where we left off
marvel at the changes in each other
laugh together at the shorebirds
gobbling tiny morsels of gossip

We sit together, my sea-friend and I
pick up pink-striped shells, broken slivers of sand dollars
and throw them back into the welcoming waves

She cannot resist one more caress on the shore
and I, one more glance across the horizon
where green meets blue in perfect union

It may be true that I could share this love
with any other shore
nourish the same quiet friendship
but there is a secret here in the crystal sands
there is a solitude that spreads like religion
no matter how many people circle ‘round
there is healing like a baptism
in every splash upon the shore

SpiritLed 2014

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A Choice

Poke underneath my skin and you will find
a place of tenderness that’s sensitive.
Emotions hide there out of sight, yea, live
beneath your vision, keeping your eyes blind.

You talk with me and you would never know
this hurt exists and stabs its piercing knife
into my every day. I cover strife
with laughter. No, these feelings must not show.

I am a puppeteer who pulls the string
to dance and act through daytime valleys low.
The disappointments shout in loud voice, flow
around me like a river’s current, bring

a shadow over sunshine. I ignore
them, favor joy that knocks upon my door.



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