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Wish I Were the Earth

Wish I Were the Earth

Wish I were the earth
could open my mouth
and swallow the blur.

Turn a wail to a purr
in my warm dark house
if I were the earth.

A natural re-birth
on deep stable ground
if I could swallow the blur.

Wouldn’t leave me to murmur
my pain in your couch
if I were the earth.

A place to clear hurt
to quiet loud sounds
and dissolve the blur.

Fear turns to dirt
when it is found
that I am the earth.
I will swallow the blur.

(c) Holly Troy 2015



I was in the emergency room Monday from about 11 pm until 5 am. It was a horrible time. Now I’m home to sleep off the reason I was there in the first place and get back to eating — slowly.

Had to cancel my piano students. I hate when these things happen. Makes me feel my age. I will return to 20 Lines when I feel better.


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