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In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot no wonder we all got to grandma’s house on time for family gatherings.

Family and friends now live with so many miles between they must travel by air and rail as well as packing up the family car no wonder today in the United States has become a day of nightmares for all even if you are just making the dinner you begin to worry about all of them travelling to you.

Today will be one of epic weather up and down the east coast in fact I am not even sure of any other distress weather wise across the US as we are just getting bombard with news of doom and gloom and traffic nightmares.  Is it too late to hope for it to stay out to sea :)

I am hoping you all have a wonderful day tomorrow either at…

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You Are Enough

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Ангел, монотипия, акварель.

You search your whole life
for your purpose, your path
you climb the mountains
ask the questions
get the degrees
cry in the night for the answers
until you feel it’s a lost cause,
the answer isn’t for you

But child, it is
and seeking is not the path,
you must listen
and be still
and open your eyes
to what is right in front of you
and all around you,
your destiny lies in who you are,
what you love,
the passion that gets you
fiery and red-hot inside
the joy that you bring
not just to others
but to yourself

Open up,
take in the spirit that is calling,
the breath of life
moves through you each moment
reveals your passion
brings you joy
gives you purpose
guides your path
whispers that you are enough,
and that is all you ever need to be

©SpiritLed 2014

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