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Five Minute Poem #9

Happenstance places
   Disparate forces in proximity
   To Each Other

   Only for lost moments

Yet sometimes
   On courses of lost

The beginning

Only twisting
   Now in fantastic swirls
Then in writhing tangles

This knot

         Holding on


(c) 2014, Norman Dziedzic Jr.

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You, Robot/OH My Knees

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Postaday asks if you had a Robot what would you have it do.  I would have to say I would love one to weed my gardens. 
Oh my knees are hurting bad and to have a shiny machine going up and down each row,  gently pulling just the weeds and allowing all my pretty flowers to take center stage now that I would call a perfect garden helper!Hibiscus In Bloom

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