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The Others


I live with my husband, my mother, my father, and my brother.  I live with beloved pets: Peach, Chelsea, and Winston.  However, in reality, my brother and Peach form the parameters of my daily life.  The others come mostly at night and haunt my sleep.

Author: G. Jordan Hall

I write, I read, I do crossword puzzles, I have a dog named Peach. I have been writing for over forty years. My first book was: Marching Songs. I have probably written, or at least started, twenty or so books since then. None of them were published in hard cover or even paperbook. I now have two books on line as Kindle books.

3 thoughts on “The Others

  1. Another honest post ….just like you G.

  2. Reading this again today, G., and appreciating you all over again. You are missed. Come back when you can. xoxo — M.


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