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Disclaimer: I’m God’s Worst Child EVER


Me and Santa Claus at Tulsa Toy Run 2012. I have three pix that I like of myself. I'm using two on this post, and the other is my gravatar. Hence, the Santa Claus picture in March.

Hi, my name is Catherine, but people just call me Bird, or Cathie if you must. I appreciate the invitation and opportunity to contribute to this blog. I love to write, which in turn, has me posting two, sometimes three different posts on my own blog site daily (mainly when I get revved up), which is probably not much fun for my followers. So, I am really stoked about getting to write on two sites, instead of just my one. I just love collaborations.

I thought I would start out with two of my posts already published that kind of explain who I am, and how I think — This is important if you are a Christian that is really a holy person, because I am not holy, and I seriously don’t want to offend people, especially my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ. But I am finished being anything but what I am.  I am the wife of a guy in a notorious motorcycle club; I’ve been divorced once, I lived with my present husband for 10 of our 20 years together before I actually married him at a  justice of the peace; I’ve never had a real wedding in a church; I have three kids from two men, one with no father on the birth certificate because we weren’t married, and I wasn’t going to share her with him, and another one that was on the way before his father and I actually went on our third date, much less got married….AND none of which are biologically my husband’s kids, but they are his kids just the same (and will fight anyone who says otherwise) He raised them since they were toddlers, and he is every bit as much their father as I am their mother.

…In other words, I’m God‘s Worst Child Ever. Because I was a real Christian doing all this stuff.  I knew better. My conscience worked just fine back then, and it still does today. I have been molested and addicted (which can be convenient excuses for a person like me), neglected and frankly, for most of my life now, really, really loved…which has balanced me out to a workable kind of Christian who is loved unconditionally be quite a few Christians as well as even more non-Christians. I guess my life is a cautionary tale with a happy ending, and people tend to accept me the just the way I am, warts and all. Plus, my stupid mistakes probably make other people feel better about the not so stupid ones they had made. I’ve been in the trenches. I’m still here, manning my own little post. And I do have some street cred when it comes to really crappy things happening to us in this life. But you have to chart your own course…It’s your life, and you are the one who has to live in it…

I called the post below –The Motorcycle Club: ( written by me and posted on my personal site March 3, 2012 in answer to a rather snotty comment (in person, not on my blog) from someone who was a leading authority in her group on just who I was supposed to be..right after her motorcycle club boyfriend broke up with her…) The back story probably should have been included in the original post, as it is rather ironic, and kind of shows you the motivation behind her statement, but whatever…I’ve posted it here.

This is me at the Tulsa Toys For Tots Bike Run 2012. I love to take pictures, but I really hate having mine taken. Hence, the goofy smile. Please note the cigarette: you'll rarely find a picture without me holding one...I think they wait to take it until I light up....Oh, and yes. I still smoke cigarettes, and I have been drunk once during 2012. I probably will never be "holy" until I die.

“As anyone can probably tell from my pictures, my husband belongs to a well-known motorcycle club. I don’t write much about this in my posts because frankly, I don’t think about it much. But, it is probably worth a minute to clarify where this culture and my Christian beliefs come together.

I once had a proclaimed Christian tell me that because I was part of this 1% culture, she could not in good conscience hang out with me anymore. This “Christian” opinion always angers me to no end. And I always refer back to Matthew 9:10-13.

“Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to His disciples, ‘ Why is your Teacher eating with the tax collectors and sinners?’ But when Jesus heard this, He said, ‘ It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means: “I desire compassion, and not sacrifice”, for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'”

I was understandably nervous when my husband first began to associate with what the world would consider “undesirables”, but as I got to know each of these people, I had a powerful compassion on them. I also had to put aside preconceived opinions that I’d gathered from television, internet, and books. I had to open my mind up to the possibility that I had ended up here for a reason, and Jesus thought that His work was more important than what the Christian community around here thought.

This is my husband, Don. He is a biker, not a criminal. Don't believe everything you hear on tv, the internet, or other news media. Oh, And Thanks, Gangland, for telling everyone that I am a prostitute and/or stripper...Oh please. I know hundreds of these people, and I think I've met maybe 2 girls that said they were strippers. Most of us women work in offices, retail, administration, or are simply at-home mothers. Just my little caption rant!

As with any large group of people, there are going to be the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, just from the ones I know on a personal basis, I see that God hasn’t written off these men and women. Evidently, God isn’t bound by our social standards, and I have come to feel that He has put my husband and I here for a purpose.

Where in the Bible does Jesus say we are to only associate with those who already know Him? What purpose would that serve? If you insulate your whole existence away from those who are dying, who do you save? And what is your worth in this kingdom? Isn’t that a little like hiding your light under a bush?

My brother is a pastor of a church, and he recently wrote a book that I sincerely love. It isn’t because it is a masterpiece of wordplay. It is because in it, he chronicles the building of his church by fighting Satan in a real world setting. He talks about getting out in the real world and stealing from Satan what belongs to God. His church doesn’t put on a pious, religious front. They instead, are warriors, pillaging from Satan’s camp using every method they can think of. There aren’t great discussions on whether or not viewing Harry Potter is going to make everyone into a witch; there is a restaurant operated for the sole purpose of getting to know the people they hope to lead to the Lord. He talks about websites set up as the first taste of any church. He is fighting fire with fire.

From the time my babies were small, I’ve tried to impart to them the understanding that living a Christian life is choosing to be a soldier. The enemy doesn’t fight fair. It is a bloody, exhausting, but satisfying existence. Jesus has us here for a purpose — and working up enough faith to own mansions, labeling yourself a god (creepy, and blasphemous), and be healed of every hiccup isn’t it. We’re in a battle for souls, and everything in our lives are circulating around that. And if you, as a Christian, are leading a quiet, uneventful, rich life going to church, eating potato salad as you pat your righteous self on the back, attending seminars with other like-minded brothers and sisters, and nothing is ever going wrong for you — well, then you have been neutralized by the enemy. However, if you find yourself in the Valley of the Shadow of Death on a pretty consistent basis, then you are probably a threat, and you should be happy that at least you aren’t wasting away the talents God gave you. I find the most dangerous Christians in the world these days, emotionally exhausted, but spiritually powerful. Sometimes, you can almost see them lying in a crumpled, bloody pile with a big smile on their face. There is nothing like defeating the enemy! And the true warriors always untangle themselves, stand up, brush off the dust, bind up their wounds, and jump right back into the battle.

I am a Christian. My battlefields are no more or less important than anyone else’s. If the proclaimed Christian community has objections to my orders, they can take it up with our commander — Jesus Christ.

Ride it like ya stole it!!!

— Cathie M. (or Bird) whichever you prefer…


Author: Catherine aka "Bird"

Marketing Specialist Freelance Writer Blogger Consultant

38 thoughts on “Disclaimer: I’m God’s Worst Child EVER

  1. Very nicely written. I look forward to reading more.

  2. I love collaborations, too. Thank you, Bird!

  3. Bird,
    Thanks for reading and liking my post. I love your tone of writing. Very real.
    And I think our highborn kinsman is just “fine” with who you are and who I am.
    Keep growing.


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  7. And all along I thought I was the worst! Thanks for taking that burden from my shoulders. :)

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  10. This made me smile and laugh,..go you!

  11. Hi Bird,
    I hear you loud and clear . . . I’m an honorary member of Bikers for Christ, I see where these guys minister. They are invited to HA’s clubhouse and are respected by a number of 1%er MCs. Have been friends with the founder for over 25 years and continue to help with the talents God has given me. Isolation from the world is not what we are called to do. My husband and I also are the founders of a homeless rescue mission. So, between the bikers and the homeless, well . . . we’ve seen it all. I think.
    Thanks for following – traveling mercies. This is a BFC video I put together for the Bike Blessing in 2009.

    • Not sure what is happening – I just watched this video on Youtube.

    • Thank you so much. It is where we are called to be, at the moment. We have several Biker Ministry MC’s around here. They were really great when I was in the hospital. And I think you working with the homeless is just wonderful! Thank you for your kind comment. I tried watching the video, but it keeps crashing. I’ll try it again in a little bit!

  12. The Lord bless you Catherine and thanks for the visit yesterday. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts soon.

  13. Bird Is what I see you as and your story is very
    much like mine.
    Things that won’t seperate you from God :)
    1. Being in a motorcycle club
    2. Smoking cigs
    3. Having children with differant men
    4. Cuss words
    5. Getting drunk AKA drinking
    6. Being ONE of Gods worst child
    7. Having friends that are not Christian (who by the way have a huge loving heart unlike small people that call them selves Christians. (My opinion)
    8. Being who God made you! Faults and all!

    • This is beautiful! For some reason, I never get any notices that I have comments over here, so to run across it this morning really made my day!! Thank you, RJ!!

  14. You painted with words a master piece! I love reading your blogs, in fact sometimes I read them when I don’t feel good and they lift my spirit. So write as many blogs a day you want.
    My stupid smart phone does what ever it wants at times. That is why I am finishing this comment in 2 posts! You are who you are, being anything less would be a slap to Gods perfection.

    Do you ever make it to Sturgis? I live about 18 miles from there. I love the rummbling sounds, of thousands of bikes. I almost believe I was born on one. Keep it real, because you know God see’s you holy, You are his soldier, keep up the fight, do you hear thr Battle Cry!

    May you fly as high as the eagles, keep the wind flowing, RJ

  15. I’m God’s Worst Child too ;)

  16. Sis do you live on the road? Are you in a motorcycle group? I love motorcycles they are fun and when i’m riding i feel like i’m flying..God bless you

    • No We live in one place but my husband belongs to a club. When I am riding on them, it feels like flying for me too!

  17. Hi bird,living life on your own terms must be fun but it’s tough sometimes.

  18. What inspiration! Roar, fellow warriors:) Fighting Satan in the Valley is a wonderful gift from Him, with love-
    Holy Spirit Warrior

  19. I begin to like you more and more Bird…I liked you from the first thing I read of yours but I’ve just read this and I just think you’re great. You are real and at the end of the day God only connects to the real not to the pretensious “I’m better than you” crowd. Go on being exactly who you are. Leanne….

    • You make me feel so much better about being me! Thank you for the encouragement!! But anything worth seeing in me comes straight from God!!

  20. Hi Bird I have nominated this blog for the Leibster Blog award. Please go to my last post to read up about it. Unlike me, you may have some idea what it means. The rules are on that post. Also Reenas post helps you understand what you have to do. Congrats as you deserve it for your beautiful, heartfelt sharings which undoubtedly help lots of people with their faith and life. Congrats. Leanne
    http://reenareigns.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/liebster-blog-award/Bird, I have nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award.

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