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It is Fall


Originally posted on CorneaCopia:

Two men and their dog walk on the beach near Coupeville, Washington.  The tree attracted my attention.  It seems a stark and dormant element of the landscape that boldly announces, “It is Fall!”.

Beach Cottage near Coupeville, WA.

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Author: Bill

I read a little. I write a little. I take lots of pictures. I can do all these things because I'm retired. I'm a proud father and grandfather.

10 thoughts on “It is Fall

  1. This is beautiful. It reminds me of the work of printmaker and lithographer Stow Wengenroth who created fabulous (in my opinion) graphic art of the east coast, Massachusetts, Maine and environs. You may want to look up his work. I have several of his prints in my home, and he and my father were friends. At any rate, I really liked this. Please continue to share.

  2. This is another gorgeous photo of yours that I adore. It is perfect !

  3. One of my all time favorites. The tree you speak of is only one of the many, many oak trees on the island . . . especially in Oak Harbor. I wish we had one in our yard!

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