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Glad to be here


I am really Teach, but made a typo and it took it, after refusing 20 others. So I grabbed it, and I am Teadh.  This is a quick post today,  I am so glad to be here.

Author: teadh

I am a retired teacher, trying to find time to write. I spend time working in libraries and working with children.

5 thoughts on “Glad to be here

  1. Welcome, Kathe, I think you will really enjoy being part of 20 Lines. I am so GLAD you’re here.

  2. Teach! I should have known. Welcome, Kathe!

  3. This is the 28th message I have reviewed this morning. Maybe that will teadh me to be more attentive to my computer responsibilities. Of course 28th is better than 73rd which is where I started. Glad to meet you.

  4. welcome Kathe..nice to meet you ..


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