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The Nature’s Gifts


Passing by those trees, the trees I have been viewing for almost half a decade now still brings in me the joy- the pleasure, on seeing their flowers sway in full bloom and their leaves filled with that beautiful sap. Oh! How much difficult it is to engrave this much of beauty within my soul… within me?

Well, something like that happens with me whenever I see those special gifts from the nature, all the way surrounding me.

Have you ever felt so? Do share your experiences!

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Author: anmol(alias HA)

I am a whimsical writer, a passionate poet and a righteous reader, but above all I am a benign being who is trying to find a path back into life, which I lost due to certain circumstances that came to change my entire existence, as I understood it.

4 thoughts on “The Nature’s Gifts

  1. I live near the beach, and our woods is full of old deciduous trees as well as many pines. I am someone who appreciates the stately grandeur of the tall oaks elms, sycamores and maples, and I love to see the pines’ gentle motion in the breeze. The unparalleled beauty of the trees in autumn when their leaves are turning into palettes of yellow, orange, bronze, copper, red, and gold is a sight of which I never tire. When I was a child one of my favorite activities was climbing trees. I had a special apple tree that was “mine, all mine.” That brings back fond memories.

  2. No trouble engraving nature on the soul. It’s the keyboard wherein exists the difficulty…

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