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Getting a quart container of root beer from the A&W Drive-In with my buddies, then sneaking under the fence at the outdoor theater to watch the movies and harass older guys and their dates while they neck in the front seats of their automobiles.

Cousin Jim and I mowing a path through the tall grass of a pasture behind our home so we can drive his jellybean racer to see how fast we can go.

Vacation days spent answering a dare to try shoplifting something from every store on main street without getting caught.

Camping out on a river bank overnight with my friends and a case of beer that someone bought for us because we are too young to be drinking.

Fishing on a river bank with my father and an aerosol can of mosquito repellant.

Summer memories … certainly they are; but in truth they are memories from the springtime of my life.  Summer came later and was not nearly so care-free.


Author: Bill


5 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Just love this and soooo glad you joined us on the prompt. I might do more of these!

  2. What a sweet thing you are. I never realized what a terror you were.

  3. Thanks Y’all! :)

    • Bill, I don’t believe I have connected with you until now on 20 Words etc. I enjoyed reading some of your blog articles and will read more. I invite you to check my blog out as well, 20 Lines and my regular blog, beebeesworld. Great work, Took me back to childhood days…

  4. Bill I have nominated you for an award Here it is I could not get to your site to add it under ABOUT lol



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