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Go Back…


Are  you still there, deep below the  layers

Physically changes barring your spirit from emerging

Pain spreading through your body like fire

Trickling over healthy muscles and engulfing them

Doctors unsure, questioning their values, morals

Where is the quality of life, where is the comfort

I see nothing but starvation, dehydration and emaciation

Your eyes when I look into them make it all real

The future without you beside me,

I want to go back, I just want to turn around and go back

To see that man again with the strength, purpose in his walk

To feel secure, safe,

Not alone.

Author: Tia

quiet, creative, challenging

7 thoughts on “Go Back…

  1. I’ve recently started thinking about the importance of producing a consistent flow of life-affirming actions and elements in my life. Would just like to express my support for you in whatever you are going through. Whenever possible, please stay strong in the moment and please see the coming beauty in and of your life.

    • Thank you Portia, somedays it’s hard to be positive but you are right, “everyday is a good day, just some are better than others”. : )

  2. Crying, that is all I can do. Write and write Tia! Crying.

  3. P.S. we have never met but you are not alone.

  4. Tia, your writing touched my heart. I would love to follow your personal blog, but could not find a link. Please respond with a link and I will follow you-hoping that you will check out my blog at www,beebeesworld@wordoress.com/ as well!


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