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Signs and their purpose.


Sometimes, life can just be blase`. It is these times when we need to be mindful and make use of the moment. I often find myself snapping away images of life at its finest. Just a little something that I can look back on when I am no longer making snacks,doing laundry, helping with homework and “reminding my kids to clean their ears and brush their teeth”. A moment I cannot bare to think about. Being alone. I have found myself capturing pictures of signs lately simply because I feel they tend to get ignored. These signs alone allow me to remember to pay close attention to those augury’s within my heart and mind.  Here is one image I captured last May after dropping my kids off at school. It was horribly foggy and hard to see that morning. I felt it was apt because I was just beginning to recover from a failed relationship.  Image

Life molds us and allows us to be more efficient people. Appreciate those times which are trying because they too….have a purpose. 

Author: The Laundry Maid

I love words. I like the way they sound rolling off my tongue. I enjoy playing around with them like a small girl with her dolls. Except, words are more exciting and intense than Barbie's. I write to learn, and I write to feel.

3 thoughts on “Signs and their purpose.

  1. Hey thank you for your words, they give me courage at a point where I need it more than ever. Time to take good care of myself. Your photo is perfect for me now. Thanks

  2. There are auguries in life if only we would pay more attention. What happens does not necessarily happen for a purpose but, if we pay attention, purpose can be found in what happens. This photo of yours really hits a poignant chord with me. Perspective shots like this one always pull me in. Can appreciate your reason for taking & holding it…


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