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I Drowned Trying to Talk Underwater


This dictionary game we play
Has never been so clear
I’m taking my desperate leap of fate
Just to keep you near

I know everything
You told me everything
(without saying the words)

I think of us as sunken ships
Waiting to be discovered
Overgrown with the sea’s irony
Wanting to be uncovered

I know nothing
You said nothing
(I’m fumbling your words)

If patience is our virtue, I’m screwed
Because patient I can’t be
It’s hard to be smothered by silence
So far below the sea

I’ll know something
Just say something
(this is the time for words)

Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

5 thoughts on “I Drowned Trying to Talk Underwater

  1. Your blog and you are super pretty!!! Following you as you are really interesting!!

  2. This is really, really good, aglassofjen; you’ve hit the jackpot with this deep (pun intended) meaningful poem with a beat…


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