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Thanks for the memories.


THis weeks been the busiest, buzzing with assignment completion. ugh, I hate working on weekends but my friend suggested that it’s better if we just accept it anf finish it off. Actually it’s on the placentation of flowering plants and arrangement of whorls including deriving the floral formulas. Though it may seem like a fascinating piece of art it’s like ┬ábeing in a beautiful flowery place with a small girl watching how two girls are observing the same flower for an hour or let’s say hours. We are learners . But this time it was different, my friend suggested this botanical garden and it turned out to be fun(even if it took time it was worth it) Iam not very good on snapping stuff but the flowery goodness just got to my head.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories.

  1. gorgeous photos…….

  2. Most beautiful flowers ! I’d love to have them in my garden…


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