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Ode to the Irish in me.


A bottle of Jameson
And a best friend
When the world fails
Hit the bottle again
Jameson never fails
He keeps me tall
Makes me fearless
And makes me thankful
A best friend to hold
To keep me right
To be glued to me
In the middle of the night
When it’s me against the world
I take another drink
Jameson keeps the world balanced
He never lets me sink

Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

3 thoughts on “Ode to the Irish in me.

  1. until the next morning – lol!

  2. I should share your wonderful words with all the Irishmen I know who because of their LOVE of this they are no longer WITH ME :)


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