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What is this? 

The perpetual lift

My feet are above ground my arms are flung wide 

I await your embrace 

Your presence is the solace I take 

In you I find a greater place 

No longer lost 

Love is first and all hate is erased 

The chaos of life has no place 

Forever bound by your grace 

I open my heart to you 

In your wisdom you grant me this 

A celestial invitation to experience Spiritual Bliss! 


Author: poetrymyvoice

My faith and family are key in my life. I am blessed with a great husband, and I have four wonderful children. I am an educator, and I enjoy the excitement of helping our youth find their own voice and creativity. Writing is one of the main outlets I use to express all that I feel and think. Poetry is my favorite form of literature. I also am currently working on my first novel series. Words to me are the most powerful form of communication in the world!

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