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Black Widow Spider -for 20 Lines Photo Challenge


Black Widow Spider -for 20 Lines Photo Challenge

As many of you know, I study spiders, insects, nature in general. I have written stories on spiders many times. Ironically, Black Widows “come to me” on my son’s grave and now, my mom’s grave as well. It has happened 4 times with my son and this is the first with my mom. I will look around and there will be no black widows on any of the other grave sites. Is it a message to me because they know that only I would recognize the Black Widows web and hunt for the spider? I will always “wait” to see if it is some sort of message from my loved ones. This one I found tonight hidden in my mom’s flower vase.

Author: beebeesworld

I have a degree in public history research. I love writing, photography, cooking, teaching, nature studies. I'm a mom and grandmom, an "old hippie".

13 thoughts on “Black Widow Spider -for 20 Lines Photo Challenge

  1. beebee wow awesome photo …Thanks for playing … :D Tim

    • Tim, I have two problems-at least-I just can’t see to find answers-No matter what I do, I cannot get the “photo” on any awards to show on my home page-it seems simple-i have had people tell me what to do-and that is what I am doing-but it doesnt work-ive been told to right click and “copy” the pic of the award, copy the exact url and paste in “images” from dashboard, then just select where I want it and “save”. It doesnt work. It seems when I right click “copy” on the image, then copy the url-it cancels out the image-I see you can drag the image, but I cant get it to drop…i have spent so much time on this-it seems when i finally get something to work, I will be saying, But thats what I did…
      the other issue is how do I directly contact a person who comments on my article and has nothing but a gravitar show up-or a friend that I know has a wordpress site. It seems I have to pick a “category” and can’t just pick a particular reader…i have troublw with the “”how to use wordpress” tutorials-they assume I know more than I do-any ideas on a place to get anwsers on these and other questions. the wasted time is taking all the fun out of wordpress, and I enjoy it and the challenges etc SO MUCH…thanks for your time.

      • well the way I do it is upload the pic like im going to post it , once it loads theres a url below the pic where you name it or put on any captions .., I copy that url and put it in a image widget…just right clicking dosent do it sometimes …

      • hmm-i will see if I can figure that way out-thanks….

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  3. Thanks-The 20 word challenge I did last night was based partly on a dream and partly on reality-this one is absolutely true!

  4. I “Liked” it but since being bit by one 5 or 6 years ago do not like them or any others for that matter I just wish you were finding Daddy Long Legs there as a reminder of your Mom and son I know they are deadly but it seems we are safe so far from them.
    I am glad you find solace and peace within when you see them with your loved ones I on the other hand would run

    • I had a friend who had left some shoes at her horse barn, slipped her foot in one and was bitten-i TRY TO BE AWARE OF THEIR HIDING PLACES, i KNOW THEY AREN’T COMING TO GET ME, BUT IT IS EASY TO ACCIDENTALLY ENCOUNTER ONE, AND IT BITS IN SELF DEFENSE. lets SAY, i RESPECT THEM… thanks for reading.


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