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It has been a little while. My wife and I have been running kids to camp and picking them up from camp and visiting relatives with little time to write in between.

99 Degrees, just wait.
Leaving the A/C of the office I
Close the door and start the car.

Breathing deep the hot air, windows closed
Fan off, I am endothermic.
I am sweating now.  Dripping.

Letters ooze out of
Pores. My shirt is stuck
To me, stuck to this image.

Turning North the sun
Irradiates my left arm
I know the signs of heat stroke.

Words drip, formed from
Sweat condensed across
My back.

I should cool down but,
She will be sweating too
When I pick her up.

Demi-plié, assemblé,
Pirouettes will ooze grace
From her feet.

The steering wheel
Pirouettes in my hands,
Almost too hot to touch.

Now all the stanzas cling
To my jeans and my
T-shirt and matted hair.

This fire, this
Energy has run its
course, entropy flows.

Closer to the studio
I give in and hit the button
That brings cooling air.

(c) 2012, Norman Dziedzic Jr.

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