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Not Much of an Artist These Days


Splashing paint on the canvas
With both hands at random
Expressing anger and compassion
With a color or three
A ventilation system if you wish
Another stroke of the brush
Someone calls is rubbish
Some call it a masterpiece
They clearly didn’t watch me paint it
Broken brushes and spilled paint
Gracing the rug covered floor
Its a good thing walls can’t talk
That room is my catch-all
It’s where I leave my heartbreak
And all the hatred I have
A few torn canvases are proof
Lying mangled, tangled, empty
Much like you left me

Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

6 thoughts on “Not Much of an Artist These Days

  1. Hey Jen awesome work …just a thought , for more traffic here you need to get out some and read and comment , like others work …then you will get the same …I know your busy ..just a thought , as always your work is awesome…. :D Tim

  2. Hey Jen follow this link , this lady has asked me to leave you a message . She wants to publish your work on an online magazine …if you have any questions please get ahold of me ..Thanks Tim

  3. jornelle@gmail.com This is her email , she knows you as aglassofjen….

    • That’s awesome! Work is so crazy right now! But thisnext week I’m going away on business, which actually gives me more down time! So, hopefully I’ll actually get more time to sit down and read through and comment on everybody’s stuff! I do read it when I et a spare minute, but it’s usually just a minute! And as far as the online magazine thing, if you would give her my email? I’m much easier to reach that way! It’s jenbarakat@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate it!!! :) thanks for all your help with everything!

      • Ok sounds great , she wants us to send her like 4 or 5 poems or pics for them to check out , but I will give her your email …Have a great day…Tim


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