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It started out so wonderful.

Our day that is.

We woke up early and made sure our belly was full.

Most of the stuff he packed  was his.


We headed up into the mountains and into a river to spend the day.

Weather Man said it would be a scorcher,  temps very, very  high.

We were to stay in the river for the whole day.

This was not to be, please let me tell you  why.


Seems a bug of some kind, had it in for him.

We no longer could watch our dog swim.

I had to pack things up and haul them up the hill, for him.

He became so ill, so quick, his chances were starting to look slim.


I really did not know what to do.

I had no idea where anything was in this area.

He had absolutely no clue.

The mountains were again, in my rear view mirror.


I let my gut lead the way.

I prayed  and prayed it was not the wrong way.

I am serious when I say he was very ill.

I was on a mission to find a pill.


I do not know why a saw a flashing Red light.

I did what ever it took to get to it.

He had certainly lost his fight.

I just knew I could not quit.


In the end, the light was the help, he so needed.

They took him with them,  to the emergency room.

They could tell  how serious it was, by my face,  as I pleaded.

He was now hooked to a machine in a private room.


In the end  all is well.

Three days have passed.

He still isn’t feeling swell..

With his bad allergic reaction, I fear this will not be the last.


I will know where I am at.

All the places to go, to find help for sure.

I will  also know when anyone else  needs help, STAT.

I will never travel without  a first aid kit just in side the door.


I love him so much and am so glad it came out OK.


Author: nutsfortreasure

Retired female trucker Photographer Gardener Jewelry maker(beads and glass) Animal Lover Blogger lol but you knew that lol Find me at Living and Lovin here on WP Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook Now selling prints on Redbubble, Society6, Zazzle, and of course Fine Art America, Pinning as well! Share my links with anyone who may have an interest and always feel free to email me at myremmy@hotmail.com I do not know why my blog link doesn't appear below my Gravatar :(

2 thoughts on “THANKFUL

  1. Doesn’t flow as nice as the river did last Saturday but my heart is no longer racing from Adrenalin either



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