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What Once Was


It’s that moment in life
That stops you
Dead in your tracks
Feeling incredibly nude
Only to look down at your clothes.

It’s that sigh of relief
That he just
Walked right on by
Without even a glance
Though you know he’s watching.

It’s the chills
Down your arms
As your lying there
Thinking of the past
When the present does meet expectation.

It’s the look
In those big brown eyes
That made you
Crumble in an instant
When you thought you were strongest.

It’s the feeling
You woke with
After hearing those three
Softly spoken words
Only to realize you were dreaming.

It’s shattering glass
It’s instant heartache
It’s the calmest of waters
It’s the pure beauty in perfect
It’s never going to be yours.

Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

3 thoughts on “What Once Was

  1. Ouch – sad and poignant
    lovely poem :)


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