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Camping to fun


I love camping!!!  I know that may come as a surprise to people who know me (it’s kind of a shock to me too).  I don’t like dirt, I HATE bugs, I’m a little afraid of the dark (especially in the woods) and I cannot stand to have dirty feet!  All of those things go hand in hand with camping and I still love it!  For me, camping is about spending time with family.  I love that simplicity of the family (usually extended) just hanging around the campfire sharing old stories and making new memories.

The morning coffee would turn out to be as good as the baked potatoes. The weather would be windy in the morning and the fire wouldn’t get hot enough to boil the water. The air was pretty cool in the morning as well, so we would decide to pack up and hit the gas station on our way home for breakfast.We probably looked like a bunch of amateurs and dorks but we didn’t care.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many funny stories I could tell you about camping: the camper with the broken bed, the night my brother and I had to sleep in the back of a truck, running through the woods with a bug beater stick, the time our dog escaped from the pop-up, the time someone tried to confiscate our golf cart…the list goes on and on.  I can remember sitting by the campfire one particular morning with my sister who was warming her toes by the fire.  All of the sudden, I noticed that the toes of her Ugg Boots were literally smoking.  I yelled that her toes were on fire and she very quickly removed them from the fire.  As I write this, I’m still laughing at the image of her smoking toes she was fine but her boot was a bit scorched)  and her squeal when she realized what was happening.  It was straight out of a cartoon! And so as we set off on our next camping adventure this weekend, I can’t wait to see what happens next…

7 thoughts on “Camping to fun

  1. I loved your piece!
    I can top the story on the Smoking Toes though lol
    We arrived late to camp, pouring rain, oh joy, we set up the EASY TENT ya right Once up I let in the wet dog and makes a coups of drinks while he gets matress firm enough we spread the sleeping bags and sit with a lantern, a wet dog we are soaked to the skin and I slip off my sneakers. We are talking and playing toss with the dog when my other half say “OMG your FEET ARE SMOKING!” I looked t him and said “Have you forgotten how hot I am?” We laughed our butts off many times since that one wet night in a tent. Funny to see body heat rise like that it was a first for me no wonder they say wear a hat and socks and shoes to stay warm .
    Thanks for your story it made us go right back to that night in the tent!

  2. Sounds like a book in the making! :)


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