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I thought I would share



This is my secret place. When I’m stressed, I just sit here and watch the sunset.

Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

6 thoughts on “I thought I would share

  1. The sunset had that type of look to it tonight. Totally captivating. Makes me feel like a fish for some reason :)

  2. Beautiful sky! It does look like a great place to sit and watch.

  3. Gorgeous place! I can see why it relieves your stress; it is so peaceful. :)

  4. Now tie in some Yoga and meditation and you will visit when you are HAPPY lol Nice Shot! I love when the sky and ocean meet and I am there to see all the changes it goes through BRAVO for you!

  5. Sunsets are amazingly pacifying :)


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