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For You Mr…

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This is something I had written and posted in my livejournal, which I have had for years. I am trying to pick out some pieces that I have for some submissions into a few places for publication. (a whole lot easier said than done…) So by all means, all criticism is GREATLY appreciated.



Late nights
Empty highways
Fast cars
Over byways 
Street corners
Bright lights
Moonlit mountains
Endless heights
Lake shores
Stars gleaming
Brown eyes
Smiles beaming

Early mornings
Saying goodbye
Miles away
Another lie
Last drive
Heading south
Words flowing
Between mouths
Tears spilling
Over eyelids
Broken hearts
Lost kids.

Early mornings
Faded away
Late nights
Please stay
Running far
From town
Spiraling forward
Then down
Begging please
Never helped
Leaving bruises
Skin welped
Pain given
Never received
True love
Never believed…

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Author: aglassofjen

I am a mommy and a photographer. The later, I get paid for. I love to write at random, sketch, paint and take every picture I possibly can! :)

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