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Sometimes, we just have too much of chochlate


A shopping centre turned into a chocolate drinkers heaven. San Churro in is one of a kind. Minimalistic decor, and a huge seating area gives a feeling that tonight you will be served a lavish dinner. But alas! the disappointment arises when you realise that besides snacks, the only thing on offer here is chocolate pots!

With leather tub chairs and glass tables, the sprawling (it can seat 90), split-level San Churro resembles, as a friend rightly observed, an insipid five-star coffee shop. This is probably because, despite the predominance of chocolate on the menu, San Churro is positioned as a coffee shop and not just a chocolate cafe. They offer six kinds of coffee including the Spanish latte, essentially a double espresso with condensed milk. The dull decor is brightened up somewhat by the mosaic tiles, which border the white, orange and mocha walls painted with illustrations that depict Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés bringing cocoa to Spain (legend has it that he owes his discovery of chocolate to the Aztecs).

The staff recommended that we begin by indulging in the “Classic Spanish” hot chocolate to savour what’s left of Mumbai’s winter. San Churro make their extremely thick version of the drink by melting dark couveture chochlate  into milk. Be warned, this is a potent beverage even for grown-ups, especially those who are given to cheating on diets. The more kid-friendly option is the “Hot & Cold”, which is hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that makes the drink sweeter though less intense.

At San Churro, even though the chocolate drinks and the viscous chocolate sauces (served with fondue and with the churros) are made using their own brands of dark, milk and white chocolate, it’s hard to tell apart their chocolate infused beverages from the ones we’ve had at A Choclate affair which opened in Bandra in August last year. They’re equally decadent and mouth-coatingly rich, but the churros (deep-fried doughnut sticks) at San Churro make a more lasting impression because they were not as chewy as they were at A Chocolate Affair. The calorific, sugar-dusted confections come with a pot of sinful, dark molten chocolate (two pots if you order a large platter).

Even though their culinary goal is to “sweeten thy soul”, San Churro also has a savoury foods counter, well stocked with subs, quiches, sandwiches and non-chocolate confections like cheesecake, banana cake and cookies.
Been here thrice, and everything’s always been fabulous. I personally don’t like churros that much – they’re a little heavy – but the chocolate drinks, cakes, and pops on a stick are all really delicious. It can get a little sweet, so I’d recommend sticking to one thing at a time. The seven-layer-chocolate cake is INSANELY decadent. A pot of dark chocolate, chocolate float, a cold classic Spanish milk based chocolate drink with a scoop of white chocolate ice cream is extremely heavenly.
Portion wise San Churro is a disappointment.At such a price i t is a bit steep but as long as they keep serving some thick chocolate shakes, itwill be worthwhile.  

4 thoughts on “Sometimes, we just have too much of chochlate

  1. Yum! Now I suddenly want chocolate :)

  2. I, know, it was a really amazing experience:)


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