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10 thoughts on “Poetry Olympics

  1. Tell me more.

  2. Sure, why not? What are the “rules?”

  3. That is a brilliant idea! :-)

  4. poor guy is stumped now :)

  5. Ok,
    How about 3 categories in keeping with the theme of the site:
    – Poetry
    – Prose
    – Photography

    (Interesting, 3 ‘P’ words).

    If it looks like there is a ton of interest, we could split poetry into Rhyme, Free Verse & Haiku but that may be a bit much to Organize and vote on. I suggest that to make it easier for everyone to read everything we stick to the 20 lines or less format.

    The Summer Olympics end August 12th so the deadline for submissions would be August 9th with 3 days for voting and we announce the medals on the 12th. I like Ann’s thumbs up voting on her contests but if someone else has a better idea for this please chime in. I’ll design and post graphic Gold, Sliver and Bronze medals for the prizes :-).

    Please give feedback here and if it looks like the interest is there I’ll start 3 lines for the entries.
    Citius, Altius, Fortius,

  6. Let’s go for the gold!

  7. There hasn’t been much feedback and there seem to be a bunch of other contests going so I think I’ll drop the idea for now.


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