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Morning Haiku – A Worker’s Lament


Not even eight yet

Already a voicemail, shoot!

Countdown to lunch begins.

Author: Nicole

I started blogging to feed my creativity. I mostly blog about the weather, art, public transportation, and anything else I find interesting. Come join me! nmnphx.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “Morning Haiku – A Worker’s Lament

  1. It seems we can make it through all of the craziness of the workday, as long as we know there will be a break for lunch. Not even to eat, but just to have a break. Great Haiku! :)

    • LOL! Exactly. It was just one of those morning where I couldn’t help but think “it is lunchtime yet? When do I get a break?” I actually went to a play during lunch yesterday…which was a fabulous way to unwind before going back for round 2 at work.


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