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Sky’s The Limit Photo Challenge: Dust Storm


I had not planned on submitting a photo to this week’s challenge because I honestly couldn’t think of any wacky or awe-inspiring photos that I’ve taken.  After a little bit of  encouragement from Tim Z. Auto, it occurred to me that the recent photos I shared on my blog of a massive dust storm that rolled through my area was pretty awe-inspiring.

Haboob rolling through Mesa, AZ near Hohokam Stadium. July 21, 2012

Yep. That is all dirt and wind.  I had to outrun/ out-drive this thing to stay just ahead of it and get inside.

Author: Nicole

I started blogging to feed my creativity. I mostly blog about the weather, art, public transportation, and anything else I find interesting. Come join me! nmnphx.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “Sky’s The Limit Photo Challenge: Dust Storm

  1. Awesome Photo…looks pretty bad ….lol were you there..?

    • Yup. I took that photo. I was driving along when I saw it coming and happened to be near a baseball stadium. I pulled into the parking lot and took as many photos as I could in 90 seconds. I then had to hurry and get back in the car.

  2. must be Arizona??


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