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It’s late and I’m lost in my thoughts once again

Drifting into a mist filled sleep

From the distance I hear my name called

Following but never able to reach

A ¬†familiar voice I’ve heard before that comforts when in need

Yet somehow I forget the face

Oh sleep and dreams the games you play

How cruel to tease and taunt

You offer the hearts most cherished desire

Not wholly but in pieces

Let time mend this heart and soulBefore you have your way

Allow the bittersweet memories to fade

And the silence to be broken

Let me start a new life, yes a new life

Close this chapter for a new journey.


Author: Tia

quiet, creative, challenging

6 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. Beautiful and so full of truth

  2. I really enjoyed the ending to this poem … life is all about new beginnings and journeys.

    • Thanks, I see that your a song writer, I’m a drummer…I have a few friends that come over over on occasion and we play. You write a lot of nice pieces.

  3. Wonderful poetry, shows a brave heart.

    • Thank you for such a wonderful compliment but it is not mine solely to bask in, I have a tremendous support group day and night both online and through friends and family. Only when I lose faith is that my own doing.


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