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Thanks Katie piper for teaching me what really beauty is:)


Ok, so here it goes, I am not a very girly girl. As in I don’t really go to the parlour every now and then and I don’t really spend hours choosing dresses but I do include some essentials in my routine  month, and that includes waxing as well. Now I know it’s a personal thing and you must be wondering why the hell am I sharing it but beleive me what I felt and realized yesterday , I can’t contain within myself. So after much deliberation my mom finally got me a hot wax cause my upper lip had to be done and all, Though I usually stick to the cold variety for my face but I finally agreed. Now , I guess she might have misjudged how hot it had become as she was multitasking while I was just lying there waiting for he thing to get over. So when she took some on the knife luckily or unluckily a bit of it fell on the side of my face and man, I felt like my face was on fire and I started shouting , she had realized the mistake though. Avery big mistake we did next was trying to pullit off, people I suggest let it cool for sometime cause it comes off more easily but what happened next was sheer horror. The skin started to come out and as i cried in pain my mom begged forgiveness in the name of god trying to make me see sense. And I was cursing the whole time, cause I didn’t really wanna see the mirror. Luckily we regained some sense and applied a cold pack and antiseptics and got an appointment with the dermatologist today,but all the time I kept thinking that why did this have to happrn to me when I have an major presentation on thursady. Why me?Anyways, my mom tried to calm me and said it wasnt that bad and it is just a patch only., she tried to make me sleep over it. But did I? No, Instead I cried a big part of the nght and when pain and exhaustion hit me I did what I do a lot. I googled . And thats when I came across the name oof Katie piper and that is what made me doze off early morning finally.

OK you must be wondering who on earth is this girl and why do i have to upload some random pretty girl photos on my blog when you don’t even know who she is, she’s very pretty isn’t she ? with pretty almond eyes, wide smile, blond  curly hair that makes her look like a Barbie to me. introduction needed as i continue the story.
her name is Katie Piper and she was born in 1983, is a former model and television presenter in England, U.K.
sounded pretty normal for a pretty girl like her to be a model, until one day in 2008 back in London, she meet a guy through Facebook and they started dating each other until he changes her life FOREVER before she could do anything to change the fact that she’ll be suffering a serious consequences a person, a mind, a heart and a soul could ever bear !!! Image
what happen to her was her ex-boyfriend  Daniel Lynch, where she was held  captive and was brutally raped by him.
where else, the guy on the right is Stefan Sylvestre who threw sulphuric acid (strong industrial chemical) to her face right before her eyes.

after that incident this is how she gonna look like for the rest of her life, from a model & television presenter (middle) to a person who she can barely recognize that it was her own face that she was seeing in the reflection on the mirror when she first woke up from being coma for a couple of days which seems like forever (right). Image
however she was brave enough to live through it although it came to her mind many times that she wanted to end her life to make it easier for her instead of being called “zombie”, “monster” when she was once so pretty.

instead she stay strong which need hell lots of courage to do so to live and inspired people around who went through the same incident. she even starts her own foundation. Image

the acid has destroyed her face, her right eye, which also affected her vision, she lost half of her right ear too, it when down all the way to her neck and to her clevage, to her hand and of course some part of her leg too.
not only that, she even have inner injuries which is her tongue and her throat and this happen because while she was yelling for help after the acid attacked, at the very moment she was trying so hard to scream for help while everybody was watching her in terror, and she swallowed some of the acid which injured her tongue and throat.

still bad as you can see, but did you know how many operations to get this far ? how many pain she have to suffer to go this far ? how many roller coaster ride that she had in hoping for a better tomorrow ? so who are we to judge someone like her ?? or any body else out there in the world that go though the same suffering ? the next time if you ever open up your mouth to called someone like this a “zombie” or a “monster” THINK TWICE AND SLAP YOUR SELF HARD for saying it !!!! words like that are for movie making not for you to use it just so you can insulted other people.
further explanation continue, she have lost her right eyelid and her nose, there’s nothing they can do about her right eyelid and also to improve her vision but somehow the doctor have tried their very best to get her nose fix, and this is not a plastic surgery that can get everything fix at a blink of an eye.
they have to put 2 little tiny hose to open up her nose hole just so she can breath, look at her face as i tell you most of the skin that the doctor used to get her face fix is either from corpse,  her back and her butt, the back of her ears and else where. as we go along the stories, we not only learn about the difficulties and obstacles about going through a acid attacked recovery process we also see it with out own eyes that she was brave enough to go through all the pain and suffering just so she can LIVE by NOT ENDING HER LIFE and CALLED IT QUIT just like that!!!! Image

this is the end of the recovering process where her skins is no longer red and bulky. have you ever wonder how many operation she have to go through to reach this stage of her life ? The answer to your question is : MORE THAN 60 !!!!!! ImageNo matter how life tear you apart in someway, don’t give up you’ll live through it, think about your love one, your parents, your family and those who love you. if she can make it so can you, with lots of love and respect for Katie Piper for being such an inspiration.

remember ……
Life is like an hourglass……
eventually everything hits the bottom, and all you have to do is wait it out until someone comes along and turn it around again.

And I thought, I was being brave, that why did this have to happen tome?. God, I had just no idea  how lucky I am. Things could have been worse, the wax could have gone into my eye. In fact the doctor said that it will be ok In  two wekks and in a month it will be not less prominent and a the scar is quite at the side so my hair hides it well. But, I didnt hide it today. I tied my hair up and answered anybody who mocked me.And thus I want to say just two words to all those girls out there and boys as well-YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, INSIDE OUT!

4 thoughts on “Thanks Katie piper for teaching me what really beauty is:)

  1. every time i have felt bad about the things i’ve been through i always see others that have it much worse.

  2. It makes one momentarily look away. The mind cringes. One’s own vanity maybe runs. But, in the end, such courage is always inspiring and uplifting. Such a woman.


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