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There Once Was A Yard…………


There Once Was A Yard……….

A young woman’s fancy to create a garden utopia so many years ago resulted in a truly beautiful Eden. I recall it as a young boy, the flowers bright against the lush green lawn and hedges. As the years progressed she decorated and embellished with ornamental objects. Then, alone, her mind diminishing, she turned her back upon the beauty. ┬áSo the inevitable overgrowth consumed, choked and devoured the garden. This past weekend, as if in an archeological exploration, we uncovered little ornamental treasures hidden in the recesses of long forgotten beauty. Were she now here, she would so love our discoveries.


Author: SwittersB

Hello. I'm Gary and I reside in Portland, Oregon. I am an avid photographer, fly fisher & outdoorsman. Travel, gardening, blogging and, of course, family round out my life. I post and read others to find peace, quiet, beauty & balance in life.

6 thoughts on “There Once Was A Yard…………

  1. Maybe she was there helping you find them

  2. Is that a dinosaur in the background of this over grown garden?

  3. Oh my goodness! It does look that way doesn’t it? My Sweet Auntie could have had anything! tucked away on her property.


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