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Ruby is Dead (Open Book Challenge)


At 17 she packed her bags and left her sleepy town
while her daughter laid in her crib…
and all she left behind were
a kiss on the forehead and a pair
of knitted booties with a monogram – Ruby…
She took the bus to Vegas
wanting to make it big…
pretending she’d never heard the cry
when she closed the door behind her…
time slipped by like a blur and
all she had to show for the years she was away
were bruises here and there –
souvenirs from the men who made her promises…
a broken heart and a tired soul…
And like the prodigal son
she returned to her sleepy town…
to find comfort…wanting redemption –
to cradle the daughter she left behind
only to be told “Ruby is dead. She died in her sleep.”





6 thoughts on “Ruby is Dead (Open Book Challenge)

  1. you had me reading each and every line. Good job!

  2. Oh! I really don’t know what to write but I must say that this piece is emotionally painful, yet beautiful in its own way. Thank You for participating in the challenge. :-)

  3. Incredible! This is amazing, I can’t believe how much you told in such imaginative detail in so few lines. Excellent writing!

  4. The pain in this young girls heart was fathomable-great work!


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