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Sherry, you make me smile:)

I luv Sherry so much . Wll he’s my pet dog technically but he’s living at my best friends place cause my mom hates pets (especially dogs . she’s allergic to dog fur). But, I cant really understand how she can’t be moved by his cuteness and best of all his ability to empathise with all my emotions so well. I am blessed to have such  a friend who did  this favour for me cause it’s really taxing to have a dog in the house when you have a pet of your own . She has a cat named Christine and she’s pretty amazing and polite to me as well.

Thanks, dear you are an angel.

Yesterday, he felt I was feeling bad about my waxing incident  while at my friends house working on a project and   he just sat her my feet and looked at me , I just forgot everything that was on my mind . Hee’s so cute, wish I could have him at my place:(

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