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Beautiful Moments


There is beauty all around us
In small parts, in tall parts
Sometimes it shouts out to us
To be noticed and devoured
To be discussed and admired
There is beauty in
The ordinary and the extraordinary
The simple, the complex
In dawns light or twilight
We seek out those things
That make us stop and listen
Those things that call to us
From somewhere deep within
There is beauty in everything
If only we’d take the time to notice it
Explore it and enjoy it
Life is a series of fleeting moments
If we’re lucky we can preserve it on film
If we’re lucky we are part of the beauty
If only for a moment

Author: bionicdee122

Certified sports nut/college student/bookworm/music junkie

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Moments

  1. I love your poem, especially the part : if only we’d take the time to notice it, explore it and enjoy it ! This is great ! Thank you,

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