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An Old Tree Has Seen……………?


This old (160+ years old) Tartarian Black Cherry in the Owen Memorial Rose Garden (Eugene, Oregon) captures the eye. Some believe it was planted by the founder of Eugene, Oregon, Eugene Skinner. The tree immediately, at least for me, makes me pause in wonder at the complex trunk and bark. Truly a beautiful tree in a beautiful garden setting.

Also, given how old this tree is, another thought crosses my mind. Consider how many varied peoples, over 163 years, have stood and gazed upon this tree. It is an obvious observation, but once you think of it, one can imagine the guests, visitors, passersby that represented all walks of life, world wide, yet found this tree hopeful, beautiful, regal, old. It is judged to be the oldest Cherry tree in the state of Oregon. 

I hope this tree continues to survive the elements for many decades to come. Isn’t history grand?

Author: SwittersB

Hello. I'm Gary and I reside in Portland, Oregon. I am an avid photographer, fly fisher & outdoorsman. Travel, gardening, blogging and, of course, family round out my life. I post and read others to find peace, quiet, beauty & balance in life.

6 thoughts on “An Old Tree Has Seen……………?

  1. The moss growing all over it is incredible… really beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing that beautiful photo. If only the tree could talk – or blog :)

  3. The moss and contours are so beautiful and YES! Like in some fanciful world the tree maybe can talk at the right moment, to the right person? Of course, the tree might say ‘oh my aching limbs’. That would sound too familiar.

  4. This poor tree as beautiful as it is, and a wonderful memory for me as I grew up going to this park every friday with my papa and having a picnic after he got off work- now has cables and nails and stakes trying to hold the piece together. At some point it loses some of its charm when you see all the things they have done to it, just to keep it together.
    Of course they do collect the seeds from this tree and dedicated a small plot dedicated to growing more of this beautiful tree, so they can someday replace it when all the wires cannot hold it together any longer. Beautiful, but sad. Good memories though climbing the tree, hiding between the rose bushes of this garden, and sitting on the bench by the river on a warm summer day.

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