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My Weekend Adventure….


There in the dark, pieces scattered around the garage, what was to be a project for my husband.  He never managed to find the time or the desire to start the project once it was taken apart.  Aged, no longer used, the parts rusted with time.  Tires in different corners of the garage, fenders hanging on the wall, the motor removed from the frame….. I went through the boxes and found as much as I could to bring some sort of vision together for my weekend adventure.  It was early morning when I started and by the end of the day there before me sat a ’56 or ’57 Francis Barnett motorcycle, (I’ll have to check the serial number for the exact year).  I’m sure I could hear the bike breathing, sighing, relieved that someone remembered she was there.  I looked out in the garage before I went to bed, and you know I almost felt like she was smiling at me, thanking me for bringing her parts back together that had been lost.  I know just how she feels, because in a way she did the same thing for me yesterday.

Author: Tia

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6 thoughts on “My Weekend Adventure….

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  2. Tia do you ride? That is a beautiful bike. He must have had grand ideas for her. I am glad the simple act of just being there, poking around and finding things that belonged to her helped you get through another day without him. I am sorry for your loss. You need to be with his THINGS till you are at true PEACE and only then decide what you will do next but just to go out and organize, maybe was and polish her will bring you closer to him and calm as well. Like wearing a shirt with your lost ones scent or using it as an pillow even many different way we can heal our broken hearts. I see my man’s stuff as TOO MUCH but if I was to ever loose him I could see me siting with his welder and tools and remembering all the things he made and repaired out in my messy barn. Thanks for your post. HUGS

    • I’m a tom boy at heart, I sold my V Star Silverado a couple years back to a lady who had more time to ride and devote to her, I called my bike Willow……I’m finding it easy to sort and let go of things, I guess I don’t have an emotional attachment, maybe that will hit one day and I will say why did I throw that out, lol. But this was a true mind stress reliever. I was totally lost in the day, the time flew by. And they say with time everything gets easier.

      • I am glad you got lost in the day! I too am a Tom Boy hehehe ya think
        I think it is really just to show them I can and do it really well! I have only ridden HD road bikes :( dirt bikes were always from another country and so much fun police used to chase me with my long blond hair flowing in the wind they always knew it was me :)

  3. lol I love it!!! Too bad we didn’t live closer, I think there would be some good hijinx going on lol. I tried teaching my son and daughter how to ride, lol. That as in the old story of “tales of the riverbank” is another story, lol. I loved that show with hammy hamster, ohhhhh memories.

  4. Amazing, impressive adventure & description of same…


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