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You Loved Them Well (Rondeau)


Waste not your love for those passed on

Truth they know in the great beyond

No more pain or illness felt

Like icicles all worries melt

Around you memories are not gone


Moments linger to think upon

Their wish for you do not despond

To let them go is not unfelt

You loved them well


And now the sun brings light to dawn

New journeys in your life hereon

A new hand from the deck is dealt

Still memories of their loveĀ  felt

Find stepping-stones a guide thereon

You loved them well




Author: Tia

quiet, creative, challenging

2 thoughts on “You Loved Them Well (Rondeau)

  1. Well-done, Tia, very well-done. I’m thrilled to see people taking on the rondeau. Congrats on a good poem.

  2. Maggie thank you. I found this challenging and fun, you really had me thinking!!!!


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