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To Return to Me


little girl with your dotted bonnet
won’t you
tell me the secret
you hide in your smile…
the thoughts that
surround your silent laughter…
and the dreams that
fuel your desire for life –
to devour every second…
to live…to love…to be free…
tell me…won’t you?…
no, won’t you show me instead?…
let me share your secrets…
let me drown in your thoughts…
let me embrace your dreams – as my own…
and maybe then
i might be able to weave
dreams of my own…and
see life like you do…like i used to –
with hope…and color…and sunshine –
like a child…


photo: http://www.etsy.com/listing/101602066/a-moment-original-painting-by-maria-pace

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4 thoughts on “To Return to Me

  1. Oh, to reclaim childhood dreams… I have kept some of mine but have had to let go of a few. Along the way I have found new ones. :) Great poem.

  2. Just read this for a second time and like it even more than the first!


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