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I tried, i tried again
to let you in,
to let us breathe,
to let love be.

But somehow I just was not ready.

And every time I tried to give you all of me,
My soul said no, not now, not now
And yet I still tried.

But my heart was not yet ready.

Baby I am TIRED of trying
tired of trying to be ready for you,
whatever that means,
I should probably just jump into the sea eyes closed

But my heart is just not yet ready…

But my heart is just not yet ready…

Baby, I said my heart is just not yet ready!

Not yet, not now, not ever,
because you see, I was already ready ages ago,
just not for you.
Sorry babe, but…

My heart is just not yet ready for you at all!




2 thoughts on “JUST NOT YET READY

  1. When I read this it seemed that it could be a song. Very nice.


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