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I had to close my ears to the world,

because  all around me was noise,

and all around me were people telling me how wrong

you were for me.

Why is age that important?

Can’t I choose the one I want to love without worrying

about what he says, or she says?

I had to close my ears to the world,

the world was cruel, and mean, and cold,

too cold for the kind of warmth I had for you,

too cruel for the kind of love I felt for you.

Why is colour so important,

or height, or weight, or religion,

or culture, or tradition?

I closed my ears to the world a long long time ago,

and am glad I did my love,

because now I see that you were my world,

and now I know why we lasted this long,

and I will never let my ears open at all.

3 thoughts on “I CLOSED MY EARS

  1. Like this poem! Touching…

  2. Very nicely worded, so true, even in this day and time. beebee

  3. Thank you. It is extremely true. People need to learn to stop worrying about what others think of their decisions. All you need is a clear conscience.


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