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I wrote this thinking about how I felt taking my new step to join a group of people I don’t know after my husband passed away.  In an effort to not stay in a small corner in the house I pushed myself into joining a social group and tonight is the first meeting…..


Blindly the layers of my existence are removed

leaving me exposed, one by one, taken away

Left only is a breath of pure honesty, fragile

whisper thin, cracks forming like spider webs

Reaching out to grasp at any solid hold it can

A dream of what is to be wraps around my body

and covers the naked fear of the unknown

Ashamed to bare the truth of what is below the surface

afraid to face the road that looms beyond the bend

Ignorant of the wonders once the veil is lifted



Author: Tia

quiet, creative, challenging

11 thoughts on “Layers

  1. Good for you, Tia, for taking these brave steps. Everything is a baby step. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Just dip a toe into the new waters, and take it very slowly. I remember this time after my mother died. Oh so difficult.

  2. Maggie I’ll let you know how it goes tonight, it’s bow archery for those inspired by the Hunger Games, lol. This could go one of two ways, lol. Can you believe they are putting a bow and arrow in my hands……hmmm.

  3. I survived! Had a wonderful time and bonded with someone immediately who had the same brand of purse as myself…..I believe I have turned into a female, lol. We both looked and started talking about how much we loved our purses. I never thought this day would come, the tomboy has shed the overalls and stick in exchange for prettier things, lol. It was a great night, the people were wonderful, no catches, no pressure, just fun doing what you like to do with others.

  4. What beautiful expression of the vulnerability one feels after a profound loss. You went to the social group and liked it! Good for you. Must be so hard. I admire you. Your creative expression and all your admirers, me included, hopefully inspire you!

    • Thank you so much Cindy for such supportive sentiments. You know when I see the “likes” on here under something I have written, it is more of an approval from my peers. I know that those reading are interested, something I have written has caught their eye. I write from the heart, from experience, so in the words you find a lot about the writer. From all of you I take strength, encouragement, inspiration, and the occasional knock back into place lol when needed. You are all my friends, peers, support, and I appreciate all you have given without knowing me in person, or gaining anything, yet you still stood by. That is true, honest, friendship.

      • Good for you! Did you get close to the bullseye? Still have my compound bow I shall see if my shoulder can hold up and give it a try tonight

        Love the purse and Tomboy :) So happy you had a nice time

  5. I hit the black ring and jumped for joy, lol, I was impressed because I thought it wouldn’t even make it off the bow lol. And there was no “lub a lub a lub a plop” just that beautiful sound of an arrow gliding through the air then hitting its mark, it was exhilarating .

  6. Reblogged this on Life Textures and commented:
    Gentleness and compassion, the words shared in this post warmed my heart. I was reminded that corners often look like “normal” life.

  7. I’m so honored you reblogged this, thank you. Yes, you are right…corners very often become normal life sometimes too often and too easy to stay in. They are comforting, small, and no one can get in, very safe. But that isn’t what life is about is it. It’s all about stepping outside that safety zone and learning that being in that big group can be just as safe.


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