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Inside Guggenheim Museum- NYC (within the limits of what is allowed to be photographed )


Inside Guggenheim Museum- NYC (within the limits of what is allowed to be photographed ).

via Inside Guggenheim Museum- NYC (within the limits of what is allowed to be photographed ).

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Author: A Rambling Poet

My creativity is expressed in various artistic media, from painting, photography, pottery to my most beloved hobby - writing, especially poetry , essays, stories. I started to write poetry as a teenager and continued to write over the years. Prior to emigrating to the USA, my poetry was written exclusively in my native Croatian language. Around 1998 I was encouraged to create my first poetry in the English language. Since then most of my work is written in the English language. (although lately I am trying to write more in Croatian as well, at least during my vacations and visits to my homeland). I participated annually in the poetry readings through my association with poets from Croatia based in NYC, in the events “ The Evening of Croatian Poetry”. First two events were organized in New York City, I last participated at one poetry reading in San Pedro, California, where the book “Letters to my Croatia” was promoted and presented to public. I used to participate in poetry readings in various clubs in New York City and my desire is to return to such venues one day, as they were exciting (and nerve wrecking at the same time ) *s*. Published work: 1992 - “American Variations” - a collection of twenty poems published in the literary magazine “Rival” in Rijeka, Croatia (Volume # 5, Pages 21-28) 2000 - “Letters to my Croatia” (a book of poems published in Croatian language under the title “Pisma Mojoj Hrvatskoj” as a compilation of poems representing six Croatian poets) (My poems are written in Croatian language (8) and in English language (2) . Pages: 71-86) Between 1989 and 2007- published individual poems through various Poetry Contests in the USA. And since then , mostly posted online on my own website, through few e-zines, blogs and recently FB, WP. In the last few years I've become more interested in photography, as digital cameras provide with endless opportunities to delete, edit, save, post, share, email images etc. It used to be a very expensive hobby and I am glad that it became more readily available . It's a tremendous joy and I can't seem to tire of it. That is it ....for now. Thank you for reading, for visiting my blogs and for continuous inspiration all of you offer so generously. I love this community. Now..let's have some fun with our photos and words !

2 thoughts on “Inside Guggenheim Museum- NYC (within the limits of what is allowed to be photographed )

  1. You must have an amazing body of work by now. Your photographs are wonderful!

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