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Love Vs Hate

I have never liked old and overused cliches but there is one that I question of late

Is there really a thin line between love and hate? 

How does the person you pledged your heart to forever suddenly appear to be the epitome of your dislike 

A constant reminder of everything wrong in your life 

Is love between a man and woman really that fickle? 

Or am I just in a foul mood in need of some release from the day to day struggles found when you live in moments that lack peace

Human nature some may say, to project your frustrations onto your mate

Yet we are all guilty from time to time

What bothers me most is words spoken rashly in anger, when they disappear they still leave a mark upon the heart of the one you hold dear 

Yet, when time has passed and you decide to forgive and forgive and forgive ………you begin to wonder?

What more can I give? Perfect me? Far from that 

But what a conundrum love is, it gives and gives and gives 


There is nothing left 

or in rare moments it returns and regenerates itself 

otherwise matrimony would never exist in the presence of love and hate found somewhere in the middle of true bliss 


Author: poetrymyvoice

My faith and family are key in my life. I am blessed with a great husband, and I have four wonderful children. I am an educator, and I enjoy the excitement of helping our youth find their own voice and creativity. Writing is one of the main outlets I use to express all that I feel and think. Poetry is my favorite form of literature. I also am currently working on my first novel series. Words to me are the most powerful form of communication in the world!

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