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Today, I realized something that was quite extraordinary

We live for this, we search for this, and sometimes we’re able to touch it for just one moment

I left my fingerprints there in the midst of a smile, a song, a picture, words, and then of course I found  you

The artistic creature who finds beauty among the ashes of life

The sensitive sympathetic singer of sorrow and self awakening soliloquy in the presence of human misery

We must SPEAK!

What if there was a meeting for our kind? A convention that fed more than our minds

What would we find? 

Would our souls soar in recognition of our combined gifts?

Would we appreciate the blessing of inspirational freedom to exist?

I have but one prayer if you wish, that each day that I live I find a reason to be truly inspired!

Author: poetrymyvoice

My faith and family are key in my life. I am blessed with a great husband, and I have four wonderful children. I am an educator, and I enjoy the excitement of helping our youth find their own voice and creativity. Writing is one of the main outlets I use to express all that I feel and think. Poetry is my favorite form of literature. I also am currently working on my first novel series. Words to me are the most powerful form of communication in the world!

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