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Off and on I have been trying to work on Palindromes, which I find so-ooo difficult. Not sure if this works at all, but I offer it as my poor attempt.


Fading dreams

in deep black.

Dark shadows appear

then sleep

comes when least expected.

Time passing


insomniacs all reading,

passing time expected least

when comes sleep.

Then appear shadows

dark, black,


in dreams.


Author: Pat

Writing because I have to, blogging because I like it. Making felt is the day job, but that doesn't stop me writing inside my head! No full length novel published - YET, but several stories for magazines. Wannabe a published author, stylishly minimalist and thin.

6 thoughts on “Night

  1. I don’t know what works for anyone else, but I find these impressive even apart from its being a palindrome. I don’t think I’ve ever tried this as a writing exercise, so . . . I’ll give it a shot, but doubtfully come up with anything postable!

  2. I am also impressed. I can’t seem to get more than 9 lines. Well done! I think they’re incredibly hard.


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