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Someone’s Daughter………..


Someone, where are you? Your daughter needs your attention.

Author: SwittersB

Hello. I'm Gary and I reside in Portland, Oregon. I am an avid photographer, fly fisher & outdoorsman. Travel, gardening, blogging and, of course, family round out my life. I post and read others to find peace, quiet, beauty & balance in life.

6 thoughts on “Someone’s Daughter………..

  1. What a great ad about such tragic stuff. Where are her parents?

  2. So sad that there is no one to help her up and love her. She needs an angel. :)

  3. This visual is probably just the surface of a much bigger problem. Sad.

  4. When a Soldier died. He left a family to mourn. When a child. Male or female is down and destroying their self. A family want to help. Hard place to be in. A powerful poem.


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