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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

In 2010, a friend and I ventured into Cameroon without knowing our bearings. Everything about it was foreign to us as Ghanaians.

  • the colour; our taxis normally have a mixture of two colours
  • the car registration number: in Ghana, our registration numbers end with either a single letter or two numbers… this one had two letters. Didn’t see any ending with numbers.
  • the number plate: Ghana has GH (on the right hand side), this one has CMR (on the left hand side)
  • number of passengers permitted (1-4 in Ghana, but 1-5/6)
  • To hail a cab in Ghana, you wave your hand to stop, then you bargain the charge. In Cameroon (if it is not a hired cab), you gesture, mention your destination and how much you want to offer. The driver stops if your offer is acceptable, and there is space. Now that’s foreign to me!

Author: Joseph Budu

I am a Projects Coordinator at PearlRichards Foundation, where everyone holds the belief in giving ideas spaces to grow into business entities. My interest in computers underlies both my undergraduate and postgraduate education in information technologies and systems. I currently work as Training Consultant for eScripts Solutions, a Ghanaian firm which provides enterprise content management solutions.

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