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Food Prohibition


Please –

Stop telling me I can’t eat this

and I can’t eat that

I mustn’t eat sugar

and I shouldn’t eat fat:

The tuna’s full of mercury, arsenic’s in the rice

salt’s in my baked beans and organic’s such a price!

My gran died at eight six (yes, Death got her in the end),

but no one told her what to eat and drove her round the bend.

She didn’t eat the brown bread, preferred her crusty white,

liked bacon, cheese and butter and a big unhealthy bite

of chocolate – no, not that, it’s such a sin!

Hide it in a plastic bag and put it in the bin.

She –

ate her greens and fruit

but never played squash

nor went on any diet

– thought they were hogwash.

She was full of fun and laughter, enjoyed life to the full,

Units of alcohol? – She thought that was all bull.

A little of what you fancy, don’t over-indulge

(except maybe at Christmas!) ‘cos it causes tummy bulge!

So –

Stop telling us we can’t eat this

and leave us all alone.

All things in moderation

is what we should intone.

Because –

If you say we mustn’t, then that’s what we want to do –

We ‘ll behave like naughty children, not listening to you!








Author: Pat

Writing because I have to, blogging because I like it. Making felt is the day job, but that doesn't stop me writing inside my head! No full length novel published - YET, but several stories for magazines. Wannabe a published author, stylishly minimalist and thin.

11 thoughts on “Food Prohibition

  1. It is like that, goes round in circles. I remember when I had my first they said, you could eat Tuna, but then when I was pregnant again they said no Tuna. Great, but the ending I thought should be and Stop listening to you…………………..

    • :-)
      Some years ago I read a lovely letter from a pregnant lady – she said she had been stopped from eating everything except cheddar cheese on wholemeal bread. She finished: ‘And if anyone knows why I shouldn’t eat that, would they please keep it to themselves!’

      • That is the thing, there is probably something saying you should not do that either! You can not win. Think Carrie´s point about everything in moderation. But, I do like my fried food, but then I love healthy food too, so swings in round abouts………but do believe it is best not to crave…………

      • Everything in moderation indeed. But it’s time we reclaimed food as – just food. :-)

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  3. spot on! My grandmother just ate food, I’m aware of calories, polyunsaturates, sodium, e numbers, plastic molecules and none of it tastes as good as her meals

    • Quite agree. ‘just ate food’ is a very good thing. It wasn’t a political football or something to scare or to diet from, it was just food.
      Nobody thought about it much, as long as they got it at regular times. :-)

  4. Great poem! Although I definitely swing to the ‘eat healthy’ side, I do believe everything in moderation. If we never have dessert, we’ll go crazy craving it. But I do forego fried stuff and red meat. Don’t miss it and neither does my health. :)

    • I eat healthily – get most of my 5 a day at breakfast, don’t eat dairy apart from parmesan (dairy is my migraine trigger), don’t like much fried stuff which is inclined to give me stomach problems and love my veggies. We eat veggie a couple of times a week because we like it, not for any noble reasons.
      But supermarkets and food manufacturers have vested interests and so do governments. Most of what is spouted at us comes from people who have an agenda. I’d rather see food put back in its place as a life essential not a political football and a bat to beat the masses.
      What we currently have does not work.


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