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I called you this morning….


I called, but there was no one home. Left a message after the tone.

I waited for what seemed like hours then called again to your empty house,

repeated the message and called again. No one answered. Where was my friend?

I tried to eat, I tried to sleep and from the phone there was no peep.

They sit with me, but don’t understand; it’s not enough to hold my hand.

It’s not enough without you here. It’s not enough to shed a tear.

Tears are cheap and I have none for without you my life is done.

I’ve become an insomniac just waiting for you to come back.

It’s not your fault – I know you can’t, no matter how many times I chant,

no matter how many times I lift the phone and leave the message after the tone.

I do it now just to hear your voice. I do it now because I have no choice.


Author: Pat

Writing because I have to, blogging because I like it. Making felt is the day job, but that doesn't stop me writing inside my head! No full length novel published - YET, but several stories for magazines. Wannabe a published author, stylishly minimalist and thin.

6 thoughts on “I called you this morning….

  1. sad.. frustated.. but at least, there is a one you can think about when you feel lonely!

    • I have my one to cuddle up to still. This was inspired by something I was writing for a novel and I was trying to drag the emotion into my piece without much success. Decided to get there through verse, which is sometimes more immediate and therefore easier. :-)

  2. Tears are cheap. :) I loved it


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