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Thanks (a forever feeling)


I must allude to this gratitude, 

to this constant state of thankfulness upon the lips of many 

I hope you’re not trapped in one day full of bountiful bellies and bliss 

I pray that you live forever upon all who’s pulse throbs

spoken loudly each day they breathe your lingering whisper passing through echoing in the breeze of the trees….transcending cultures in the presence of your appreciation for life….thanks, thank you, gracias, merci, xiexie, danke, spasibo, no matter the tongue spoken your language is universal

For let us not forget that the creator in his wisdom did impart to us all the gift of a grateful heart!

Be blessed this holiday! 

Jamie Hoffman :)



Author: poetrymyvoice

My faith and family are key in my life. I am blessed with a great husband, and I have four wonderful children. I am an educator, and I enjoy the excitement of helping our youth find their own voice and creativity. Writing is one of the main outlets I use to express all that I feel and think. Poetry is my favorite form of literature. I also am currently working on my first novel series. Words to me are the most powerful form of communication in the world!

2 thoughts on “Thanks (a forever feeling)

  1. Very nice. I hereby commit to expressing appreciation for all things great and small except the opportunity to indulge in gluttony. :)


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