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Bluestar Ink October 2012 Desktop Calendar





Why am I so invisible?

you do not seem to see,

all the things I do for you,

I always meet your needs.


I know that when I talk to you,

I may as well be dead,

you do not hear a single thing,

that I have bloody said!


Is it that you do not care?

I find it hard to conceive,

that anything I mention,

you simply don’t believe.


We really aren’t compatible,

I know without a doubt,

one day I’ll take my boring self,

and get the hell right out!


Until that day I’m stuck with you,

and all your childish ways,

I’ll spread my wings and fly away,

(I’m marking off the days!)


© Stuck with you 28.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Bluestar Ink October 2012 Desktop Calendar (Photo credit: emily.bluestar)


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Author: Worldly Winds

I am a practising Buddhist, meditator, mother, wife, freelance Interpreter and poet! I love meditating, reading, writing, irritating my kids and eating chocolate - though not necessarily in that order!

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