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FormForAll – Quaterns

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Melissa Hassard:

Quaterns, anyone? Great challenge if you are looking for one today, from d’Verse.

Originally posted on dVerse:


Hello again everyone, and welcome to the pub. For today’s FormForAll, I thought we’d learn about Quaterns. These are a French form and they do that thing the French love to do by repeating an entire line. This is called the refrain and the entire poem works in “fours”. However, as with most form poems, feel free to work somewhat outside that “box” if you feel it’s necessary to your subject, or suits your particular voice.

The Quatern is:

1.  stanzaic, written in 4 quatrains.

2.  syllabic, usually written in lines of 8 syllables (four metric feet). May be iambic, trochaic, or syllabic.

3.  rhymed at the poet’s discretion. Possible rhyme schemes are Axax xAxa axAx xaxA, x being unrhymed and the cap A being the refrain. Or Aabb aAcc ddAa eeaA or any combination the poet chooses as long as the refrain is in the proper position.


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Author: Melissa Hassard

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