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Family Of Three




They always come together

They reside in the worrisome Willow

I left the rest of the tree up as weather is changing

They will need a dry place to stay

They are so much fun to watch

Till they are trying to chew their way into your home

These have to be the best feed trio out there

Chicken scratch and Black Oil Sunflower seeds,  suet too and the river for water

They like this yard too as they have been hanging out together for over a year

No traffic woes here just a big old chewed on Willow

Trees with huge canopy’s to leap from one  to another on

Yes life is good in these parts




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Author: nutsfortreasure

Retired female trucker Photographer Gardener Jewelry maker(beads and glass) Animal Lover Blogger lol but you knew that lol Find me at Living and Lovin here on WP Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook Now selling prints on Redbubble, Society6, Zazzle, and of course Fine Art America, Pinning as well! Share my links with anyone who may have an interest and always feel free to email me at myremmy@hotmail.com I do not know why my blog link doesn't appear below my Gravatar :(

9 thoughts on “Family Of Three

  1. Enjoyed! Thank you for sharing…
    Rachael :)

  2. Beautiful Eunice – so so cute :-)

  3. My God. So so so cute :)

  4. so cute, mykid must be happy to see such little things! ha~

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